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CW and K3 Radio Control Keyboard Project


Multi-IO Board Reference Manual

Source code - choose your version

   18F4620 CPU 10 MHz crystal SE compiler

   18F46K22 CPU 16 Mhz crystal SE compiler

   18F46K22 CPU 16 Mhz crystal full compiler

Compiled .hex files

   18F4620 CPU 10 MHz crystal SE compiler

   18F46K22 CPU 16 Mhz crystal SE compiler

   18F46K22 CPU 16 Mhz crystal full compiler

June 2012

This view shows J7, the programming pass-through connector to the CPU board.  J8, on the right is the PS2 computer keyboard connector.

This view shows the DB9 connector that brings the RS232 out from the CPU board.  The mini jack on the right is connected to the SPST reed relay and is the CW straight key output

CW Keyboard Schematic Click on the schematic for a larger image

Keyboard and Radio Interface Board

A HamStack prototype backpack board was used to build the interface.  This board stacks on top of the HamStack CPU board.  The gray cable has a female 6 pin mini-DIN connector on the end.  This is where the PS2 keyboard plugs in.  The 10 pin header connector goes to ta LCD display.  The right side of the board has the reed relay and 3.5 mm stereo jack that is the keyed output.  The connectors along the edges have long pins on the bottom to mate with the CPU board sockets.  The green LED flashes as the CW is being sent.

CPU Board

This is a standard HamStack CPU board with a Microchip PIC 18F46K22 microcontroller, an RS232 port, voltage regulator and various buttons, LEDs and connectors.  The boards are available as kits or fully assembled.  The three wires at the lower left side are the RS232 port.  Power is supplied to the DC in the upper right corner.









End views of the

Multi-IO board



HamStack Starter Pack


The Starter Pack has everything you need to start learning about the HamStack and start working on your first project.  Includes a CPU board, prototype board, book, programmer, basic compiler, and examples.  The C compiler is a free download.




Interface board prototype version

Interface board production version